2 Powerful Ingredients

Polyhexanide (PHMB)

Polyhexanide (PHMB) has Broad Spectrum Activity Within the Solution Against Gram + Bacteria, Gram – Bacteria, Various Yeasts, Fungi and Viruses* 

  • PHMB has complex modes-of-action*
  • PHMB remains stable and is not impaired under organic load, i.e. blood, proteins, etc..*
  • Binds to tissue for a persistant remnant effect within the solution*
  • Non-cytotoxic to host tissue*
  • PHMB is the 1st choice for: Prevention of SSI, Critically Colonized Wounds, Wounds at Risk of Infection, Decontamination of Acute and Chronic & for Burns*

Betaine (Surfactant)

Betaine (Surfactant) is a Surface Active Cleanser that Provides Immediate Debridement*

  • The Betaine molecule consists of a hydrophobic head which remains in the solution and a hydrophobic tail which mechanically detaches dirt/debris. i.e. biofilm
  • Betaine reduces surface tension supporting loosening and detaching of dirt and debris
  • Dirt and debris are suspended in the solution and rinsed away

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examining Betaine & PHMB.


Understanding Biofilm and its Role in Orthopedic Infections

Part 1: Dr. Mark Froimson and Professor Stephen Percival discuss the challenge biofilm presents.

Role of Surfactants and Antimicrobials in Orthopedic Surgery

Part 2: Dr. Mark Froimson and Professor Stephen Percival discuss prevention and treatment strategies for Biofilm management.

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